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Drones: Deliverymen of the Future

Purchasing groceries from brick-and-mortar retailers – or even ordering a delivery that finds its way to your door via a guy on a bike or in a car – is on its way to becoming passé. If Internet behemoths such as Amazon and Google have their way, drones may soon drop off your groceries, too. Not the drones that the military uses, of course – the delivery drones in development are more...

Google To Launch Its Own ‘WhatsApp’ Like Messenger

Google is in the process of building its own mobile messaging app. The app can be expected to be on the lines of the famous messaging app, WhatApp, which the search giant lost to its arch rival Facebook in a multi dollar acquisition bid.

How Kochi innovator Arvind Sanjeev saved you Rs 1 lakh?

Google Glass threatening to burn a hole in your pocket? This Kochi innovator just saved you Rs 1 lakh! The SmartCap invented by Arvind Sanjeev costs just Rs 4,500. What's more, his version mimics its famous counterpart's specifics...

OneBreath Is Low-Cost, Portable Mechanical Ventilator Designed For Developing Countries.

With the increasing population, the problem of pollution is also on rise, especially in developing nations. This increasing pollution has in return given rise to various respiratory illnesses which has become the leading cause of hospitalization...

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