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M2M vs IoT, what is the difference?

M2M and IoT are frequently mentioned in IT environments across all industries as key technology enablers in two relevant areas for innovation (Operations, where focus is to increase the operational efficiency, and Business Model, where focus is to innovate and establish new business models that generate additional value, creating differentiators for the company in the market).

Why Invest in IT Magazines?

Many of the magazines focus on different aspects of the IT world; while they won't all suit what you need best, you are sure to find one to answer the questions you have. Be sure to check out our comparisons and reviews of the best IT...

48 Solenoids Transform This 1960s Typewriter into a Computer Printer

Several years ago, Chris Gregg, a Tufts University lecturer and computer engineer, received a letter from his friend Erica. This wouldn’t be so unusual, except that it was typed on an actual typewriter, not a printer. Gregg is a fan of vintage...

Big Data Analytics: Outsource or In-House?

According to IDC, the 1.8 zettabytes – that’s 1.8 trillion gigabytes – of information created last year will grow by a factor of nine over the next five years. While the storage of massive amounts of data on big computers is not a new idea,...

Human-Like Neural Networks Make Computers Better Conversationalists

If you’ve ever tried to hold a conversation with a chatbot like CleverBot, you know how quickly the conversation turns to nonsense, no matter how hard you try to keep it together.

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