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2018-02-20 23:24:17 | Ankita Tiwari

First Others in India

First Wax statue of a Living Indian Mahatma Gandhi at Madame Tussaud's in 1939
First Chinese pilgrim to Visit India Fa-hien
First Exclusive internet magazine Bharat Samachar
First Miss India to participate in Miss Universe Indrani Rehman
First President of Indian National Congress W.C. Bannerjee, 1885
First Muslim President of the Indian National Congress Badruddin Tayyabji
First Judge in International Court of Justice Dr. Nagender Singh
First Graduate in Medicine Soorjo Coomar Goodeve Chukerbutty
India's First University Nalanda University
India's First Open University Andhra Pradesh Open University
India's First Lok Sabha Member to be elected with a record maximum number of votes P.V.Narasimha Rao
First Indian to reach Antarctica Lt. Ram Charan
First British to Visit India Hawkins
First Test tube baby of India Indira (Baby Harsha)
First Post Office Opened in India Kolkata(1727)

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